Tarraco Viva – Legions and Gladiators

Tarraco Viva - Roman soldiers battle tactics

More riveting Roman re-enactment today on fitting settings of the Fields of Mars where spectators were given a full display of armours and attack and defense tactics sported by the various types of Roman legions and Gladiators.

There is so much to see during the ten days of Tarraco Viva that you are bound to miss one thing in favour of another as Sunday saw historic recreation of Roman theatre and music ruining alongside the military and gladiators display.

Step back to yesterday where Seqvre Me! took place amongst the ruins of the circus.  No one was allowed to take photographs (understandably, since you were looking at a theatrical performance behind close doors) – Sequvere Me! is an almost voyeuristic experience, from the spectators point of view,  as it highlights the prostitution practices in Roman Tarraco and involved all social strata and was available to both sexes.  In the dark underworldly tunnels and alcoves beneath the circus, taverns, boudoirs and even a cemetery has been recreated with actors enticing members of the public in a highly realistic  display. A fascinating e and claustrophobic experience.

There is still much more to explore this coming week with musical performances recreating the sounds of two thousand years ago,  Roman food, medicine, architecture, weaving and pottery.

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