Tarraco Viva – Inside the Roman world

Tarraco Viva, Roman festival in Tarragona

Another extraordinary day at Tarraco Viva with more drama and insights in to the the Roman world. The area around the Field of Mars (Camp de Mart) was filled with tents and stalls showing Roman workmanship, produce and battlefield tactics.

One could watch rope makers, blacksmiths, potters and basket weavers  producing everyday items and doing workshops and presentations to the public.  You could learn about food preservation through curing and salting (one particular item stood out the loin of tuna, cured, salted and dried  that is still a local delicacy and is served thinly sliced as an upmarket snack).

As part of Tarraco Viva, Casa Canals was holding a Roman food workshop where the public could recreate some of the original recipes the Roman were so fond of. Ingredients like garum (a spiced and fermented fish sauce), pine nuts, olives, mint, coriander, curd cheese, honey, basil, olive oil, vinegar and garlic where widely used and crushed together with a clay pestle and mortar. The result was deliciously pungent and fragrant. We toasted to the gods the Roman way with most and red wine before parting.

Back at the Camp de Mart a rugged legion showed its combined skills with the use of catapults and by creating impenetrable clusters with their shields. It was like watching the prototype of a panzer at work; rigid discipline and countless drills created an almost invincible army which set to conquer the ancient world.

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