Tarragona Carnival: the big picture

The glam feast which is the Tarragona Carnival got underway last weekend with a gigantic mile long exhotic catwalk. 

The event, which stretches over two days, is an uplifting spell of colour, glitz and gloss; thousands taking part in what is, undoubtedly, Tarragona´s most glamorous moment of the year.

For all the main acts it’s the culmination of a year long rehearsal and extensive costume planning in order to achieve the highest possible standard.  It may look like fun to an outsider but this is dead serious business for all taking part and, like a grand theatre set, nothing is left to chance with every details planned in advance.

As the diesel engines of the tractors pulling the giant floats are switched on  off the last feathers are put in place, a secret last moment ritual for the show can now begin.

From the pharaonic display of ancient Egypt to the galvanising rock punks of San Salvador (a personal favourite!) , it was a feast for the eyes and the crowning of a Carnival which is now ranking amongst the best in Europe.

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