Tarragona Carnival: the final act

The  last day of the Tarragona Carneval is a mixture of the irreverent, profane and right down apocalyptic with the first Correfoc of the year.

First comes the wake of Carnestoltes, the allegoric king of the Carnival, his unappealing body in full view of those who have come to gaze and pay the last respect.
Carnestroles lies in his open coffin like a drunk with an erection in full view, surrounded by a weeping entourage mourning his passing. On the left lies his Concubine in an equal questionable attire.

Tarragona Carnival

For a brief moment Carnestoltes returns to life which allows him to engage in a quick frolic before collapsing back into his coffins. This is the moment when a clergyman, a cardinal and a policemen  declare the spectacle over and send the visiting crowd on its way.

Later in the evening king Carnestoltes and his Concubine are carried by an entourage of devils and mourners to the pyre in front of the Town Hall in Plaça de la Font.
After a final speech delivered by the devil in chief all hell breaks loose, the king and his concubine are set on fire and the devils dance amongst ear shattering pyrotechnics and explosions. It’s the last act of the Tarragona carnival, an awesome spectacle of darkness and light which brings the celebration to it’s final conclusion.

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