Tarragona Carnival: La Baixada del Pajaritu

La Baixada del Pajaritu is a Tarragona Carnival irreverent classic. Organised by Tarragona self appointed event organisers  the Pipel Entertainment, it involves over twenty andróminas (ramshackle contraptions on wheels) hurling down a hill under the stern eye of a group of Chartreuse swirling judges brought in by a stretch limousine.

La Baixada del Pajaritu is the antithesis of the sumptuously choreographed  parade which will take place later on today, it moves in a realm of anarchy and fanfare where anything goes.

Personal absolute favourite this year was the “Happiness Van” a cardboard campervan exuding a big plume of smoke carrying a flower power following. Another one was a party of foxes in a Fox mobile racing past the crowd blasting Ilvis “What does the Fox say” followed by the Pope crushing in to the security barrier and rescued by shade wearing body guards.

And the oscar goes to…

The Baixada del Pajaritu has six mythical prices which come in the shape of golden eggs balanced on springs:

  • The Premi Pàrking Jaume I (so called after Tarragona’s most controversial, corruption riddles, and unfinished underground car park… and given to todays biggest disaster on wheels
  •  Premi Monty Phyton, to the best satirical act
  •  Premi Hipster, to the groovies design
  • Premi Rei Joan Charles for the one with the biggest panache
  • Premi Relaxing Cup, given to the best ramshackle stop en route
  • and Premi Lids, la qualitat non és cara, to the one who made the best with less, bless…

So everything is tongue in cheek and it doesn’t matter who wins really as long as everyone is taking part and having fun!

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