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Tarragona Chartreusito

Marry Tarragona’s favourite liqueur Chartreuse with a Mojito and you get a Chartreusito!

This brilliant hibrid of a drink goes a bit like this:

  • Get a large glass
  • Put  plenty of mint leaves with two table spoon of sugar and crush with a small cocktail pestle
  • Add the squeezed juice of a fat lemon
  • fill the glass to the brim with slush ice
  • add a good measure (or two) of the fabled Chartreuse
  • finish off with a soaking of Soda water.
  • serve with two straws

The drinks really woks as Chartreuse is based on herbs and the marriage with fresh mint and lemon juice is a great simple idea.

Best in the summer and start drinking when the glass frosts over.

This fine concoction was served at a no frills litte cafe/bar called ‘la Fenice’  next to the ruins of the Roman Circus; the only place  in Tarragona where I have ever seen Chartreusito advertised.


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