Tarragona Drag Queens & Kings 2017

Drags and Tarragona don’t go exactly hand in hand, but this did not deter the 12th edition of Drag Queens & Drag Kings to hold another anticipated yearly gala under the exquisite roof of the Metropol theatre. Drag Queens & Drag Kings has become a bit of a carnival institution  which happens the day after the last plumes of the great Sunday street parade have been swept away.

So plumes and glitter make their come back one more time, together with towering platforms and psychedelic stage sets, as the mighty drag queens (and kings) strutted the stage.

There a several degree of separation to the dreamy glamour of Disfressa d’Or although the format is the same: a stern team of judges takes notes and gives point to each act while Verushka Specktra, the no nonsense host of the show and queen of acid, reigns supreme.

The quality of acts of the 6 contestant taking part was variable with Drag Extreme first in line with a solo act highly praised by the judges.  This was followed by a homage to glossy Egypt by Alexandra Modern Bitch with her entourage of slaves and one mighty Horus. Next came Tatas Pearls with a lively duet which failed to impress the judges and Drag Steinburg with a rather effective and yet a bit scrambled modern parody about America, the Mexican, the wall and Donald Trump.

Plumpy Plantanita Bello also failed to convince as Drag Steinburg act had been a bit of a show stealer; this left Plantanita little to offer aside from a foul tirade directed to the great and good and the public in general.

Last but not least it was the turn of Drag Divax with her homage to Disney’s Finding Nemo: her mesmerising transformation from fish, to siren to coral princess left the judges in no doubt that they had found their star.

Drag Patrol, last year winner, made her own contribution to the show with electrifying homage to Marilyn Manson before handing the first price to the great Divax.

And then it was all over,  with  drag queens and drag kings holding on to their flower bouquets waving goodbye till next year.