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Tarragona dTapes tapas festival – Part Alta, chapter two

With 18 different restaurants taking part, the Part Alta of Tarragona takes the lion share of the dTapes festival offering. Chapter one of the Part Alta tours start at Plaςa de la Font where you can literally hop from one restaurant to the next without looking at the map and stop for dessert in between.


Quattros cafe “Explosión de sabores” is a crunchy number of deep fried foie and cheese rolled in to pistachio crumbs and served with a little salad garnish.  You sit outside, smack your lips and watch the world go by which is what Plaςa de la Font is all about.


Walk across the square and you get Pizzeria Mistral with an offering called ‘Això ès la repera’ consisting of a little pasta parcel filled with  mató, the local equivalent of ricotta, pear, goat cheese and caramelized onion. Comfort food at its best!


Hamburgeseria Tastum does some fantastic hamburger and their generous entry for the dTapes festival is a divine, rich, weal hamburger served in the perfect fresh crunchy bun with a slice of serrano ham, goats cheese and slow roasted onion. Seriously good stuff.


Next door Restaurant Sentis goes off the beaten truck with Xup Xup, a serving of roasted pork, rosemary and mushroom stew served with two mini grissini (bread would have been a better idea in order to mop up the delicious liquor).


It was time to take a break and Sirvert offers the perfect mix to cleanse up your palate with their Orange Crunch: orane ice cream with chocolate and a crunchy topping of berry and mango. Looks good, tastes even better.


Crocanti Campestre served with panache by Piscolabis, is a spinach, cream and salmon roll in a tasty fish broth and topped with some deep fried pasta for that extra bit of crunch.


The Broqueta agredolça by Aripol is an interesting idea: a sweet and sour combitation of strawberries, goats cheese, smoked ham,  on a skewer drizzled with strawberry sauce. Sounds weirder than it tastes and food for thoughts this certainly is.


La Nova Taverna El secret del caneló is two mini pancakes filled wit Tarragona’s very own prawn meat and foie. A good idea somewhat spoiled by the mini serving, so small they almost got lost on the small plate. Not fresh but reheated… can’t have it all.


Completing the lower aspect of the Part Alta is the Mini Coca de Cova.  Last year the Cova dTapes offering was substantially better but this year it’s a hamburger dollop on a rather dry coca topped and equally dry slice of cured ham and dried cheese. Shame shame shame to end this round on a disappointing note but not for long as next on the dTapes menu are some of the best restaurants in Tarragona. To be continued.

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