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Tarragona Fireworks third night

Tarragona Fireworks

Last of the Tarragona Fireworks 2012 which felt a bit like the last night on earth. Designed by Patxi Igual Masalles  the display was punctuated by moments of silent astonishment by  the thousands of people gathered on Miracle beach.

Like it predecessor the night before, he used the smoke and haze generated by the pyrotechnics creating  an exploding aurora borealis filling the night sky with fountains of light and a million of suspended fireflies vanishing in to Mediterranean darkness.

If this is what Tarragona can show in times of recession (they called these the “austerity” fireworks) one can only wonder what can be be put on show in times of plenty!  The latest news is that the International Fireworks Competitions will be back next year in its full splendor but dates have yet not been announced.  Let’s hope they will continue in their full splendor for many years to come.

Tarragona Fireworks

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