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Night of Sant Joan 2013 Programme


The most anticipated night of the Tarragona calendar, the night of Sant Joan, celebrating the Summer Solstice will take place this Saturday.  If you live here, or passing by, watch out for the petards; they have already started, crackling,  exploding away around every corner and every street as a prelude to the  big bang of Sant Joan.

Program of the events   (courtesy of

Sunday 23rd – Night of Sant Joan, Summer Solstice

18.30 hr at the Serrallo  you can watch the arrival of the flame brought in from the Canigó one of the highest mountain in Catalonia.  The flame will light one  the first of the bonfires for the night of Sant Joan a few hours later.

19.00 hrs  at plaça dels Sedassos in the old town,  sample the traditional moscatellada  (local sweet wine)  and traditional cake of Sant Joan.

20.00 hrs at the Serrallo watch the Rebuda del Foc the lighting of the first bonfire and the first appearance or the Diables Voramar del Serrallo i Víbria setting the sky alight.

23.00 hrs at de pl. de la Font. Cercavila de Foc: a stunning display where the of devils, carrying the principal figures of Tarragona’s bestiary pantheon, begin their run though the old medieval landscape of the city.  This is the beginning of one of the most magic nights in Catalonia and absolutely unmissable.
The itinerary of the procession goes through  Plaça de la Font, Baixada Misericòrdia, Major, plaça de les Cols, Merceria, plaça del Fòrum, Santa Anna, plaça Rei, Pilats, baixada Pescateria, Cós del Bou  ending  at Plaça de la Font.

24.00 hrs at Plaça de la Font the gran apocalyptic  finale with the lighting of the bonfire, the burning of the puppets  at the sound of the Ghetto Orchestra and many others. Welcome to Summer Solstice the Tarragona way!

24.00 hrs till 03:00 am ,  at  Passeig de les Palmeres, two stages with lots and lots of music with a galvanizing  line up that includes a mix of musicians form Catalonia and the Balkans, with a funk, rumba and reggae repertoire.

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