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Sant Magí

The celebrations of Tarragona’s second city patron Sant Magí. The celebrations include  processions, music,  and  a gigantic water bash to celebrate the saints relation with water.

Sant Magí 2014 – Arrival of the holy water

Sant Magí 2014 – Arrival of the holy water

Images of the main procession which defines the traditional arrival of the water through the streets of the old city to the Chapel of Sant Magí .

Sant Magí 2014 – Revetlla Remullada

Sant Magí 2014 – Revetlla Remullada

Images of the latest edition of the Revetlla Remullada held during the festivities of Sant Magí.

Sant Magí 2014 – the colour soak

Sant Magí 2014 – the colour soak

There are many aspects to the festivities of Sant Magì in Tarragona and one new addition was this year nod to Holi, the hindu festival of colour.

Sant Magí: human castels drama and one final procession


On the final day of  the festival of  Sant Magí , there was euphoria, drama, broken bones and a last processional stroll filled with exhaustion and release.

Sant Magí: holy water, militias and one big drench

Sant Magi, Tarragona, Catalonia

Sunday sees the the holy water carried to the Chapel of Sant Magí, a historical 19th century militia re-enacting their drills against the French invaders, and he day ends with an explosion of  light, music and water with thousand of people getting drenched.

Sant Magí: ropes, great dames and a watermelon pool


The celebrations of Tarragona’s patron Sant Magí went in to fourth gear last night with the ancient square of Pla de la Seu transformed in to a gigantic open door party venue  with a splash pool filled with floating watermelons….

The life and death of Sant Magí


Sant Magí is the patron saint of Tarragona and every year his life and death are celebrated during the festival of Sant Magí, a cornucopia of  all night parties,  music, food, processions and a theatrical re-enactment of his death.

The procession of Sant Magi

Tarragona, the procession of Sant Magi

The Procession of Sant Magi is a curios spectacle for the uninitiated. Walk around Placa de la Font during the Saturday of the celebration, and you are bound to bump in to one of the many big headed dwarves which turn up to join the parade.

The Revetlla Remullada in Tarragona

Revetlla Remullada in Tarragona

The Revetlla Remullada is now an established feature of the San Magi festivities and takes place in Plaça del Rei in the old part of town on the Saturday night set of events.

Dancing through the night at Sant Magi

Rocking the Cathedral at Sant Magi, Tarragona
With share energy bursting through the arteries of the old city, here comes the music at Sant Magi. There are several focus point dotted around the city each taking turn to make Tarragona burst through its seams!

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