Santa Tecla 2014 – day 2

Santa Tecla in Tarragona has a very hedonistic side which culminates with the Baixada del Àliga which this year runs on the 21st.  As a prelude to this we have a new contender, the Cercabirra de Tarragona.

The Cercabirra de Tarragona  actually started in 2005 when a group of friends decided to organise a festive act for Santa Tecla free from any commercial interest and from there it grew is one of the first big street party of the Santa Tecla festivities.  The beer chase is basically a walk to distinctive points of the old city and at each stops one can savour a cup of local  Rosita, that fine full on ale infused with honey which has become a bit of another local institution.

Setting the peace this year were two galvanising bands, the superlative brass band Txaranga Band Tocats, and and the unstoppable  Tympanum, more an acoustic tsunami than a samba band.