Tarraco Viva – at the Camp de Mart

The Camp de Mart of Tarragona is one of the main venues of the Tarraco Viva festival. Situated next to the old roman walls this is where some of the most visual demonstration take place over the two weekends.

The sandy area adjacent to the open air auditorium is used for open air demonstration, rigorously presented and painstakingly re-created by a large cast of historical enthusiasts.

From Roman  firefighters  doing a drill (firefighters become an essential presence in roman cities due to the densely packed cities and high rise urban architecture) or watch the battle tactics employed by the Roman legions, their different armors and weapons and defense techniques.

Great attention is paid to  details of the costumes which defined the various rankings of roman society, from humble plebeians to sophisticated patricians, from foot soldiers to generals, all are accurately reproduced and rigorously explained. One of the most striking representation are examples from the Legio I Germanica, from 48 BC, with their heavy iron helmet covered in the skinned head of bears.

This coming weekend one can browse around Roman produce at the Fòrum Tarraco, where art and craft and all kind of products and trades associated with ancient Rome are on sale and display. There are workshops for all ages which provide a full immersion into the Roman world, providing a tactile feel, shapes and colors, smell and flavors inspired by life over 2000 years ago.

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