The Furies unleash their rage

Last night, as part of the FITT, the International Festival of Theatre in Tarragona, the Furies unleashed their play of  rage, lust and revenge upon the walled garden of Casa Canals.

Set on three different luridly lit stages, the revengeful drama of the Furies unfolded with lyrics and voices cutting through the balmy Mediterranean night with a deadly warning. Vivienne Vengeance , Alexa Envy, and Bobbi Rage  delivered an uninhibited  a fabulously dark vocal performance that took you in to the underworld of Greek tragedy. For the Furies are the Erinyes, the deities of vengeance and this is the story of  pure rage delivered through the figure of Clytemnestra who slays her husband Agamemnon in vengeance for the death her daughter Iphigenia.

It was a vivid, almost voyeuristic experience for the standing audience as the drama, carried on by a hard rock, punk, lyrical soundtrack delivered by a live band.  It tied in perfectly with the anarchic chaos the Diables unleashed in the streets just a week earlier and with the life and death drama enacted in the Amphitheater during Tarraco Viva.

FITT, the International Festival of  Theatre, concludes tonight having delivered the type of out of the comfort zone  theatre performances which should be aired more often. Provocative and inspiring this is modern theatre at its best.

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