Processó del Sant Enterrament 2013

The procession of Santo Entierro, the epicentre of Tarragona’s Easter calendar, got off to a wet start and even wetter finish. By the time the first religious float depicting the last supper reached the Cathedral the umbrellas were already out in force.

Rain is the enemy of all processions, and everyone’s dreads. It makes the flagstones slippery with the route becoming dangerous especially going downhill. The precious wood carvings were hastily covered with plastic sheet, but most never completed the journey, being carried instead inside the dry vault of which ever church they were closer to.

With their long velvet robes trailing in puddles, dripping with rain, very few of the three thousands forming the congregations  managed to complete the five hours trail and those who did were greeted with applause from family and onlookers standing by. It was a curious spectacle to see the penitents with their sinister masks and pointy hats running  in disarray for the nearest shelter, the long candle snuffed out, collected, boxed and wheeled away.

But, being Tarragona,  everyone took it in good spirit, with pragmatic smiles, and already talking  about next year. It was time to go home and get dry.

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