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The Revetlla Remullada in Tarragona

Revetlla Remullada in Tarragona

The Revetlla Remullada is now an established feature of the San Magi festivities and takes place in Plaça del Rei in the old part of town on the Saturday night set of events.

This normally gentle square is tarted up with gigantic shapes which later explode in to a shower of water drenching everyone around. The air becomes thick with smoke effects, laserbeams and strobing lights while music gets pumped from an impressive DJ stage. The event usually coincides with the hottest time of the summer and thousand of people of all ages convert to the square eagerly expecting for the downpour to begin. Some are dressed in swimming trunks and shower-cup, but most wade around in flip flops, shorts and t-shirts ready for the deluge to begin.

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