The Xiquets de Tarragona

Spectacular display of the The Xiquets de Tarragona today showing their incredible Castellers skills.  The beautiful thing about this art is the share dedication, concentration and energy of everyone involved in the task of building up the towers. It’s a common effort and everyone plays a part and it can only succeed if the foundation are sound and strong.

It reminded me of the same principles which bring a Cathedral in to life and which Gaudi played with  in order to create the framework of his Sagrada Familia; the upturned models he made by attaching lead to to string in order to understand how the laws of gravity interracts with various elements.

But think of this: everything in Tarragona points upwards. There is a surge towards the sky starting from the ripples at sea and rising steadily through the rock, the Roman foundations, the Medieval towers and walls, up, up in to the spires of the Cathedral …. through the feet, frames and hands of  The Xiquets de Tarragona.

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