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Tinglado Warehouse

Tinglado warehouse, currently hosting a compelling photographic exhibition called “Detalles Invisibles” by Pablo Perez-Minguez, is a historical building with a new lease of life.

It’s description goes as follows (courtesy of the tourist info board located outside the building) ” Neoclassical-style rectangular building of stonework and iron with a sloping roof. It was used mainly to store bulk merchandise in sacks (maize, cod, almonds and hazelnuts). It stands back 12 meters from the edge of the dock and is 61 meters long and 16 meters wide. It has a total of 32 cast-iron columns with eight doorways on its lateral facades. Each of its gable ends has five arcades and eight upper windows adapted to the triangular space. The warehouse is built on brick, stone blocks and iron. On the dockside facade a canopy was build to protect the merchandise in carts and wagons from the elements.


It’s first use was as an open platform for storing cargo. It had a twelve meter access ramp at the front, or gable end, facing the quayside of the Llevant dyke, parallel to, and five meters from, the edge of the dock.

In 1913 it was moved to seven meters from the dockside, thus leaving room for the crane tracks and the movement of workers and vehicles involved in loading and unloading ships. At the same time the floor inside teh warehouse was lowered to the same level as the dock. This work had been planned in 1908 but was delayed by the iron and steel crisis in the coal-mining areas, the railway strike and the large amount of traffic on the wharf that hindered the work. The closure of the Costa Wharf to commercial use in 1986 brought to the building a very different purpose to its previous use. It has  been restored and refurbished both inside and outside and is now used to hold cultural events.

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