Tortell de Reis

People were queuing around the block for this, the Catalan Epiphany cake: Tortell de Reis (Cake of Kings).

Epiphany (here Dia de Reis) eclipses Christmas: it’s a sumptuous celebration  which started yesterday evening with the stunning  Three Kings parade and got in full swing today with the handing out of countless presents to children and the whole towns (aside from bakeries, cafe’s , restaurants and florists) closed for business.

The Tortell de Reis resembles a giant jewellery encrusted ring topped with big juicy candied fruit and sprinkled with sugar. The doe is like a heavy brioche and is filled with cream or choccolate or (in my case) marzipan.  Careful when you eat this as concealed inside is a tiny clay figurine of one of the kngs – there is also a bean and if you get the bean you will be the one who pays for the cake .

It comes in a large size which cut up can serve up to eight people – not overly sweet it’s beautifully washed down with what ever tipple you have handy.