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Vermouth and Rumba at Carrer Merceria, Tarragona


Vermouth is a great excuse to throw a street party in Tarragona,  so get a catchy poster, get the local shops to chip in, get a gutsy Rumba band to provide the soundtrack and hope everyone turns up.

Traditionally Vermouth time runs from 12:00 stretching in to 15:00, which is when Carrer Merceria decided to liven up things a little with their “Vermut i Rumba” call out. Carrer Merceria is home to some of the oldest shops in Tarragona; it runs partly under a stretch of medieval arches and includes two no nonsense ladies hairdressers, a groovy health food shop, a funky gift shop, a couple of vintage clothes shops, a new age jeweler, three salt of the earth butchers, a traditional  grocery, and the oldest shop of all Cal Corderet, founded in 1751.

Once the very Gitano band got going full throttle with the full rendition of the Gipsy King repertoir, it did’t take long for people to get in to the swing of things; hips were wiggling, the free Vermouth, olives and crisps and optimism flowing and even the old ladies having their hair done got up from their chairs pressing their nose against the windows  for a good look.

If there is any Vermouth left the same event will take place again next Saturday at 12 o’ clock.

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  • Gràcies en nom de tots els comerciants del carrer Merceria, unes fotos fantàstiques, gràcies

  • moltes merces per documentar una festa tant bonica , dur el nom de Tarragona i promocionar la rumba catalana mes enllá de catalunya.
    salut i rumbes.

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