Vins i Licors Jove’

You won’t need to find excuses to visit this great wine shop in the hear to the old city.

Vins i Licors Jove’ is an established business amongst those locals partial to a drop or two of the fine stuff . Here you get the fantastic upper end from the nearby Priorat and Montsant wine makers,  but also great table wine straight from the wooden barrel. This is also the place where the best artisan Vermouth is hidden; just bring an empty bottle with you (or you can buy a plastic container) and ask for a fill up from behind the counter!

Vins k Licors Jove also stocks a great collection of spirits, amongst which nestle 32 different variety of Gin (and they tell you which type of tonic water to marry them with), great collection of  local Cava (look out for the Nature Brut), local favourite like Rosita lager and the quintessential spirit which represents Tarragona best: Chartreuse (which is mixed with iced lemon during the Santa Tecla festivities and carried around in portable coolers, but more of this mix called Mamadeta  coming soon to this blog…)

Link: Vins i Licors on Facebook

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