Walking Gallery Art Zoom Tarragona

Art Zoom Tarragona is a new initiative set up to showcase the work of  local artists in public venues like restaurants, businesses and shops around the city. It started today with a walking gallery exhibition strolling through the heart of Tarragona.

It all started this afternoon, under a startling blue sky, with around twenty artists coming together on the Mediterranean Balcony, holding their artwork for everyone to see.  Art Zoom Tarragona is a narrative continuation of the Tallers Oberts which took place last September; local businesses like the Cafè Metropol, Itinerere Tarragona  and El Negrito i La Negrita, and the large warehouses of the Tinglado at the port,  pay host to some of the many micro exhibitions taking place.  What’s on offer is a wild mixture of pop art, figurative art, photography, graphic  work, abstract, ceramics and street art.

For more information pick up the leaflet at at Turist Information office or check out the facebook page = https://www.facebook.com/art.zoomtarragona

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